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Children & Adolescent Therapy

Child Therapy helps children under 12 years of age to work through issues of trauma, stress, emotional, and social obstacles, as well as to increase their enjoyment, relaxation, and ability to learn. Child therapists choose developmentally-targeted activities that help children master their fears and impulses, in a playful way. Counselors help children suffering distress to imagine different possible outcomes by developing coping skills, and changing negative behavior patterns. Our talented child therapists often blend cognitive behavioral therapy with play therapy, in a developmentally appropriate, meaningful way.


Adolescent Therapy helps teens over 12 years of age, to work through issues of trauma, stress, emotional, social, and intellectual obstacles, as well as increase their ability to relax, learn, and enjoy life. Adolescent therapists often blend cognitive-behavioral and rational-emotive approaches to expand adolescents’ thinking, and to help them work through feelings and issues of identity in a healthy way. By brainstorming about problems and solutions, teens learn to manage their emotions, and increase their range of motion for greater opportunities in life.